Finals Got Us Down

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So as many of our friends at SJSU know, finals are coming up. Not only are our brains melting, but it is also delaying the second episode of You Shall Not Cast. We should be able to get this episode up by the end of the week. Make sure you check back and thanks for all your support.


Racial Intolerance Week!

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This week, for “You Shall Not Cast: Episode 3”, I’ve been watching a few movies that have strong overtones of racial intolerance and bigotry: “Crash”, “Amistad” and “Hotel Rwanda” … it’s too much, man, too much. I almost feel like melodramatically dropping to my knees and screaming, “Damn my alabastar skin, and the hatred it brings!” You just can’t trust us honkies. However, I’m been somewhat purged of my Caucasia-Guilt, since “Crash” shines light on some the ugly racist mannerisms of many ethnicities. Phew!

Anyhow, all these movies will be featured and talked about in Episode 3 of YSNC. I’m also thinking about popping in “Schindler’s List” as well tonight (because nothing says “Happy Cinco de Mayo” like watching one of the most depressing movies of all time).

Any other recommendations for my Racial Intolerance Week? There’s plenty of misery out there in cinematic form, just waiting to be watched and dissected via podcast. Let us know in the comments section below!

Cowabunga: Turtles In Time Remake Coming to XBLA

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As you will soon figure out, we are huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans. I personally have dreams of living in a sewer with mutated turtles eating pizza and jumping on one foot screaming, “Ow…my toe my toe!” after they step on a nail.

Now I won’t have to hunt down a Super Nintendo to play Turtles in Time as a remake is in the works for XBLA (possibly the PSN and WiiWare too).

Check out the video below for some footage of the game.

I’m glad it looks like the original gameplay is being preserved. The visuals are also looking really nice.

Found on Joystiq: Turtles in Time remake in development for XBLA, possibly PSN and WiiWare

Episode 1: Meet the Podcasters

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In this epsiode, we take a look back in our movie catalog and see how Drew’s middle school life relates to Can’t Hardly Wait. In games, we are talking about Mirror’s Edge, Street Fighter 4 and Lost Odyssey.

Now for our fun disclaimer. This podcast contains explicit language and is intended for adults ages 18 and older.

You Shall Not Cast – Episode 1

Welcome to You Shall Not Cast!

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Welcome to You Shall Not Cast, a weekly podcast hosted by three gamers/nerds from San Jose. We will be going over some games and movies that we play/watch each week and also touch on some interesting industry news. Feel free to drop us a line on Twitter and let us know what you want to here … or how funny our voices sound.

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